The final review of POPULATE gave the consortium one last opportunity to discuss the details of the project, achievements and future plans. We are grateful to have received a round of positive feedback and extremely useful opinions on our work from the team of specialists from the European Commission.

A platform that drives innovation

Integrating new technologies into the project has been one aspect that proved to be exciting for everyone, from people who took part in our live demonstrations to the European Commission team. Both in hardware and software, innovation was appreciated as a key element is the development of the project. The prototype platform successfully supports various types of smartglasses as a controller and the teams took full advantage of the software tools that help simulate the crowd behaviour of digitally created 3D characters. Moreover, we are eager to bring the platform to SMEs in the creative industries that will use it to have more control over the creative process while using tools both technology-driven and adapted to it.

A game for brand new technologies

Feedback from the European Commission once again confirmed that the game prototype has all the features to give an exciting experience to players, as well as being user-friendly. The asymmetric gameplay, the indications and transitions are all easy to understand, so that users with different levels of understanding of the technology can have a rewarding experience. These characteristics ensure that the game prototype is an asset for manufacturers who will use it to showcase the best features of their devices and also the basis for the market version. Developing the POPULATE game prototype showed how important it is for us to be part of putting new devices on the map and to help create a vibrant ecosystem for new technologies.

A model for collaboration

The POPULATE Project brought together the knowledge and creativity of teams from three different fields. The whole process implied an effort to collaborate in a productive way for this one project and each team proved a great deal of patience and curiosity in finding out what the others have to bring to the mix. While having such diverse teams as AMA Romania, Golaem and Trinity College Dublin work on the project may have seemed more like a challenge at first, the situation proved to be ideal as everyone managed rise to the standards of a Horizon 2020 project. Keeping up with the demands of such a complex project meant that team members followed a rigorous schedule that added up to more than 27,000 hours of work. The innovation that POPULATE brings ultimately lies at the crossroads of these areas of expertise and the project could not have been possible without all of them.

We are proud to have fulfilled our objectives of bringing the experience of asymmetric gameplay on smartglasses and developing a prototype platform with the potential to help the entertainment and wearables industries. During this development process, we have created important partnerships and often built on their valuable feedback.

That is why we appreciate all our team members, partners and representative of the media that have shown their support and interest throughout the project. Thank you all!

Populate Project

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no 644655

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